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Frederick, Maryland, USA


International Internships

We offer internships to students from all over the world. The internship must be for a minimum of three months. We provide assistance with receiving a U.S. visa and help with transportation in our office area. Students do not need to have a vehicle in the US, but an ability to drive and a driver’s license from the student’s home country are very helpful.

Students need to possess basic skills and knowledge in their field of study to qualify.




How to apply for an internship

Part-time or Full-time. Ideal for college students or recent graduates. The ideal candidate should have an interest in retail and/or distributor sales as well as knowledge of the motorcycle industry and products. Product knowledge and creativity is a plus.

Send resume by contact form or Frederick, Maryland, USA. Before your internship interview is prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What position are you applying for?
  • Where do you live/coming from?
  • How many hours per week are you interested in?
  • Do you understand this is an unpaid learning experience?
  • For school or experience?
  • What school are you attending?
  • What is the duration of the internship?

How to get a VISA

An invitation letter must be written by a U.S. resident and should consist of the following information:

  • the name of the person being invited
  • how and where the U.S. resident met you
  • for how long does the person know you
  • why the person wants you to come to visit him/her in the U.S.
  • for how long you are going to stay
  • what are you going to do in America during the visit
  • where you will live

Tips on interviewing at the U.S. Embassy:

U.S. law requires that people who apply for non-immigrant visas provide evidence that they don’t intend to immigrate to the United States. It’s up to consular officers at U.S. embassies and consulates to determine eligibility on an individual basis on the merits of each case. The consular officer will want proof that the person applying for a visa has “compelling ties” to his/her home countries, such as close family members, school or university classes to attend, a job lined up for his/her return, bank statements showing financial assets in his/her home country, and anything else that indicates his/her clear intention to leave the U.S. Visa applicant may bring supporting documents to help prove ties to his/her home country. Visa application should be ready to answer the following questions during the interview:


  • who you are coming to visit in the U.S.
  • how did you meet the person you are visiting (it’s good to show pictures where you are together)
  • what the person inviting you is doing for a living
  • where you will live during your stay
  • what you’re going to do during your stay
  • who is paying for the trip
  • applicants may be asked about his/her family, university or job, about other trips to different countries


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