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Frederick, Maryland, USA


Legal Intern – Victims of Immigration Fraud

VOICE OF AMERICAN IMMIGRATION FRAUD VICTIMS is a unified group of American men and women that have been victimized by foreign spouses that have circumvented the American immigration system by making false allegations of criminal abuse. This is not an anti-immigration organization it is a victims’ rights. Our purpose is not to modify the laws and regulations and close the loophole that encourages this type of activity. We are bringing national attention to how abuse laws are used within the immigration system to deny a US citizen spouse a fair opportunity to present a defense to the USCIS when an allegation of abuse is made by a foreign national spouse, whether it be a man or a woman. We want the USCIS and ICE to consider evidence presented by a US citizen spouse when a claim of abuse is made by a foreign national immigrant spouse so that false claims of abuse cannot be used as an advantage to gain US residency and eventual citizenship. We are lobbying for our elected leaders to make changes in the system to prevent the further victimization of US citizen spouses through immigration fraud by marriage.




Duties Include:

  • Assist with court filings, document preparation, and case management.
  • Law research, client meetings, and general case management.
  • 1st amendment, lobbying, civil rights, constitutional law.


  • Ideal for any person interested in law; whether it be for private practice, non-profit, wanting to pursue the practice of law, or just has an interest in law.
  • Have an interest and/or knowledge of US law.
  • Must be organized and detail-oriented with a positive attitude.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and excellent writing skills.

How to Apply:

Send all resumes to contact form


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